How to Take Ownership of Your Presence and Style


How to Take Ownership of Your Presence and Style

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If you want to understand some aspects of executive presence, enhance your wardrobes to represent your brand, spend less time worrying about what to wear each morning, avoid costly makeup and hairstyle mistakes, build a wardrobe that works for your unique individuality, role and industry, optimize your choices in accessories, fragrance and dress gorgeously for both professional and casual events without appearing to be a victim of fashion, then, buy. This Etiquette Guide is for you!


Take a moment by thinking about whose style you like and whose you don’t. Try to write out what you think these individuals’ styles say about them. Why do you like or dislike these messages?


Grooming Rules


There are, literally, hundreds of basic good grooming rules, but the important ones bear repeating as a reminder.


A Hint for You


Because your face is the first thing most people will notice about you and the place where they will relate to you, wash it, and keep it moist and shaved, even if you don’t wear makeup as a lady, pluck your eyebrow neatly, powder your face, wear nude lipstick or a plain lip gloss.



Don't Be Caught Off Balance


If you learn the skills I will be teaching in this etiquette resource, new or unfamiliar social situations about your presence and style will not overwhelm you or catch you off the balance, if you remember to follow the basic etiquette and style guidelines.

How to pick the right colours that suit your own personal colouring

📌Identifying which colours you should choose

📌How to mix and match colours

📌How to develop your wardrobe based on these colours

How to identify your style

📌Learning which fabrics, prints and patterns look best on you based on your individuality

📌Learning how to choose clothes that work with your style

📌Learning how to dress with style!

📌How to pick clothing that flatters your figure

📌Learning which clothing styles you should wear based on your figure

📌Learning which clothing styles you should avoid

📌How to know whether your clothing is appropriate for a situation

📌Learning different clothing styles for different personality and events.

📌Not letting clothing make your statements for you

📌When clothes are too tight...


📌How to pick the right shoes for your outfit

📌How to accessorize your outfit

📌Learning the right hairstyles and makeup to camouflage or highlight your best facial features

📌How to wear the right amount of fragrance

📌How to take care of your physical appearance and smell

📌How to tell a needy outward appearance and eliminate it


For a steeply discounted price of ₦7000, order this etiquette guide to educate yourself further about Taking Ownership of Your Presence and Style!


Choose today to be a 5-star shining presence.


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Pay into First Bank, DRS Etiquette and Image Consulting, 2027036842 and email for your PDF email download.




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