What Inspirational Quotes Can Do for You!!

I read somewhere that inspirational quotes will mislead you, and put you in trouble as you sail through life if you pay attention to them because according to the writer, it's all an illusion!!


Hmm.  Well, that's a giant lie!!


Sometimes we all need a little inspiration whether we've found our footing in life, or struggling to find it.


And here is the good that inspirational quotes can do for you:


They give you the boost you need to pick up yourself after a fall, and help you to look ahead.


They empower you to think about where you are, and what you should be doing about where you want to be.


They inspire and strengthen you to keep working hard and smart for success even when you’re incessantly failing.


They can help you to see the creative ways to generate new ideas.


They can inspire you to move past backwardness in your business/work/career to focus on taking the necessary steps needed for success.


They remind you of why you should keep reaching for the winning line, and not give up.


When you are defeated, betrayed or jilted, they open up your soul to positivity enabling you to see a bigger picture that shows so much more than just being a victim.


They strengthen you to trust in love.


They help you become a love inducement.


They can inspire you to move past a broken relationship.


They help you believe in yourself and sharpen your self-respect.


They inspire to rise through ruins rather than letting it swallowing you.


So what makes inspirational quotes so impacting or injurious? The answer has to do with how you consume them, and your formation of ideas around them.


Just as a coach use good speech to cheer up his team, use good inspirational quotes and books to rev up yourself when you want to achieve something meaningful in your life. Use them to create more than just dreams for yourself. Use them to focus on possibilities and opportunities rather than problems and obstacles. Use them to stimulate effective and useful ideas and not as vague wish. An absolute illusion!! Imagine a quote that inspire you about possessing riches. Without taking actionable steps, working hard and smart to make riches there would only be utter paucity. Escape the trap of ‘wishful thinking’ when you read. Have wise ideation when you chop through inspirational quotes and good write-ups.


Love and dreams without restrictions.💗


Your friend and Coach,

Damilola Ogunremi


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