Discharge the Aura of Comeliness in Your Business

Each and every person in a business has the ability to make a lasting impact that would foster a durable company. It’s the same thing I want you to do. Before I share with you one of the greatest tips to creating essential ubiquity in your business, take a minute to read the story below.


Two businesswomen started selling groundnut beside each other on the same street. These two began this business with small capital. Months after they started selling, one of them became the highest patronized groundnut seller in the whole of the area and beyond, and expanded her business to selling other species of peanuts. Most notably, this woman's friendly approach to business, her aura, her pleasantness with existing customers, her approachable look that makes it easy for new customers to approach her business, and her thoughtful ousting of customers who showed aggression towards delayed orders or inflated price all acted as indicators of her business ethical behaviour and authentic growth. 💹


The red flags with the other groundnut seller pointed toward her struggle to smile or hold a conversation with customers, inaccessibility, and bad attitude that readily distracted prospects from approaching her.


When people want to buy groundnut and the above-mentioned woman is not around, they would rather wait for her to come than patronize the other woman.


Dear Business Owner, surround your business with a quality presence. Have an aura of comeliness to stir up the power of attraction for your business, and business relationship. Because David has this feature in his life, even though he did not apply for a job, they were searching for him in the whole of Israel.


Be indispensable. Break down perceived barriers. Have the qualities that give pleasure to customers to approach you, and buy from you. Make your customers count on you so much that without your products or services, there would be no satisfaction. 


Step into leadership today!!



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