DRS Etiquette Quiz Answers: Where Should You Sit When Riding a Taxi?


When riding in a taxi in U.S., Australia, England, Southeast Asia, Malaysia, and Nigeria, should you sit in the back of the taxi and tip the driver 15% of the fare, YES AND NO?


Riding in a taxi, sitting in the back of the taxi and tipping the driver 15% of the fare is standard practice in the U.S.


In Australia, riding in the front seat of a cab is acceptable for men, but not for women.


In England taxi, you either sit nearside backseat with the driver for easy communication or diagonal to the driver for clearer communication and tip 10%, not 15%.


And in many Southeast Asian countries, such as Malaysia, tipping is not a general practice at all!


What should be the best riding etiquette for our own God-loving Naija? Should you ride sitting in the back of the taxi or in front? I would leave that to you to decide. For me, I find it a bit rude to sit in the back. So, I always sit in front to create an atmosphere of friendliness with the driver and have an interesting conversation that wouldn't happen if I am sitting in the back.


What about tipping a taxi driver in Naija?


Only 20 per cent of Nigerians always tip, while nearly 70 per cent never do, because of the hostility we readily experience with most of our drivers...


Here’s my expert advice: for every enjoyable ride please do tip the driver. I won’t portion the percentage you should be tipping. Simply give whatever amount you’re comfortable with and rate the driver as well.


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