DRS Tips


Even when you have some important job skills, you should look for ways you can grow your position. This is not the time to play Mr Iknow Itall. Within the working environment, and through a friend of a friend, talk to experts who had occupied the same job position in the past. Conduct an interview. Speak on the best ways to manage your new position. Focus your questions on the ethical attitudes, and behaviours and the tools that helped them to succeed on the job. Take this action step in your new job, and with better job knowledge, you will make better work decisions and feel more confident to proceed to have good success without hurdles.

I bless the merciful God that saw us through the first quarter of the year into the second quarter. May you overcome every business/job/career obstacles in this quarter in Jesus name. May you possess the gate of this quarter, and possess all its benefits in Jesus name. May the mercy and goodness of God lead and see you and me through the second in Jesus name.

Happy New Month to YOU!!

Your friend and Coach,💗

Damilola Ogunremi

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