Happy International Women’s Day!!

Dear Woman, blessed will you be among women.

You will see your future, and the heavens will assist you.

You will be known for distinction.

You will be called the favoured one.

You will rejoice always.

You will possess the special grace to follow your unique destiny, and fulfil God’s purpose.

You will maintain the position to be the head and not the tail.

Your small step will promote giant seeds.

No power of Satan will have a grip on the destiny of your children. Your children will produce businesses. They will never become vagabond.

You will not die in your prime.

You will influence the earth, and heaven in your favour as Rehab, Mary and Rebecca did.

You will be exceedingly important in Jesus name.

Choose to challenge inequality and gender prejudice.

Choose to be supportive and help create a more inclusive world for women.

Choose to support the plethora of female striving to rise.

Happy International Women’s Day!!

Photo Credit: Gilbert Anthony from Pexels

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