Are You Building A Great Company Culture?


What defines the corporate culture of an organization is not just the concise and precise statement stating the organization’s objectives, but 'the system of shared values of the organization.’ This corporate culture is something that evolves from the initial establishment of the organisation and the formulation of the mission and vision statement.

It does not matter whether your business is part of a big organisation or is just a small startup; it must have a common set of values and norms that form the basis for all work practices and procedures that are carried out within the organisation.

Consequently, the most alluring business will fail if it does not have a system of shared values culture. 

To build a great company culture start by making clear choices to:

💥Create clearly established ideals and beliefs that all employees and managers can utilise as the keys to the successful operation of your organisation.

💥Solve problems both internally and externally.

💥Lower costs.

💥Drive growth.

💥Increase competitiveness.

💥Management has a direct role to play in the development and the implementation of the corporate culture. Therefore, have management that will act as a role model for the employees and their behaviour should mirror what the organisation is attempting to achieve through its goals and objectives.

💥Provide the necessary infrastructure to train and to educate the employees with respect to this corporate culture and to ensure that they are properly motivated.

💥Once the employees have been trained in what the business intends to do or achieve both now and in the future with the shared value ideas, focus their efforts, attitudes and behaviour on realizing the corporate culture.

💥Enable various sections or departments of your organisation to feel a sense of belonging to each other rather than acting as independent units.

💥Dear Startup, when your business is established ensure it has a common set of values and norms for all work practices and procedures.

💥Start from today to initiate in your company a quality culture of teamwork and collaboration, continual process improvement, leadership commitment, employee empowerment, customer focus prowess, social responsibility, business etiquette and social IQ proficiencies and you can set your business up as the benchmark for other organizations.

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