Choose the Abilities You Feel Are Important...


Dear Startup, your business has hit the ground running. Congratulations!! Now, write statements in your journal outlining a concise summary of qualities needed to be polished in order to manage your business.


Some of the skills required to manage your business has been listed for you:


πŸ’ͺThe ability to effectively manage time and people

πŸ’ͺThe ability to outline the purpose, and goal of the website designed to promote your business

πŸ’ͺThe ability to create a business card that’ll convey the right values, and make clients’ first impression of your business

πŸ’ͺThe ability to meet business stated objectives

πŸ’ͺExcellent written oral communication skills

πŸ’ͺProspects identification skills

πŸ’ͺSales and marketing skills

πŸ’ͺPresentation skills

πŸ’ͺExcellent negotiating skills

πŸ’ͺFollow up skills, and the ability to retain customer and continue to increase the customer base

πŸ’ͺFinancial management skills

πŸ’ͺClient and customer liaison skills

πŸ’ͺDelivering a service to a client’s/friend’s requirements

πŸ’ͺProblem identification and problem-solving skills

πŸ’ͺComputer and technical skills

πŸ’ͺResource management skills

πŸ’ͺStaff management skills

πŸ’ͺPlanning skills

πŸ’ͺThe ability to use and evaluate the feedback from customers about their needs and wants

πŸ’ͺThe ability to use staff/friends/mentors counsel to brainstorm the activities and steps involved in creating and developing new products and services to continue to grow and expand your business.


Now, tick off the qualities you think are important to your business in order to manage your business efficiently. 

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