WHO PAYS THE BILL? How not to detract from your image on a romantic date, general hangout, and business lunch when it comes to paying the bill.

I won’t lie – when you get the chance to hang out with your friends or go out on a romantic date, it can be tricky figuring out who should pay the bill. Well, in the world of etiquette, there are some absolute musts, that you should follow in this regard.

Should a man always pay for a lady when they go out for fun exciting date in a restaurant? My answer to this is unequivocal "No!" I know that, so many ladies believe a man should always pay for everything in any given situation. And many men based on ego, and cultural norms would rather handle the bills while few men insist on equality, and are glad to go on a date with a woman where the "give and take" is equal on all levels. 

Anyway, what’s the etiquette, we should apply in this region? In a classic secular etiquette, the man takes care of the lady. However, when a lady is invited for a business lunch, as far as business etiquette is concerned, the invited party should pay the bill whether it’s a lady or a man except in cases when the other party insists on paying the bill.

Nevertheless, in secular etiquette, sometimes it all depends on friendly or romantic relationships and outings. For example, I pay for males I’m just friends with whether or not I am the one initiating the hangout. As a result of this cultured disposition, I find them paying for things I buy sometimes before I could even reach for my purse. And that’s a good friendship brewing if you ask me. There’s nothing wrong with a lady paying the bills.

When you go out in a group, traditionally etiquette says to split the bill equally amongst all parties. Or everyone can just pay for what they respectively ate and drank.

Generally, when you go out with your boyfriends or even with your girlfriends, establish budget upfront. Make a list of the meals and drinks you will buy. Decide who pays for what. It is necessary to clearly communicate with each other when determining what to buy and the financial responsibilities, to prevent any embarrassments after eating and drinking. It’s not proper etiquette to have the waiter/waitress wait on you while you decide who’s handling the bill.

On a romantic date especially the first date, traditionally, the bill is served to the man. But, if the lady insists on paying the bill, the man should respect her principles.

I hope this post helps you to present yourself with polish in your subsequent dates. 


Love & more success, 💗

Your friend and Coach

~ Damilola Ogunremi 


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