Etiquette Fun Facts


Back in the days when men were considered the initiators of sex it would be disgraceful for a woman to admit to having a sex life, much more buy condoms. Customarily, the men brought a condom. Even though the women were curious about their bodies and sex, sexual experimentation or boldness among women was frowned upon. Also, having over excitement, or being swept away by ecstasy was discouraged by strict moral code.

The missionary position, considered best for conceiving, was the order of the day. And other sex positions were considered ill.

A woman’s sex life was simply something not to be discussed in a polite society let alone enjoyed. In today’s modern world, sex roles have changed, and this custom no longer holds water as both partners can now share responsibilities and enjoy sex.

A Brief History of the Condom

In the 16th-century an Italian physician named Gabriel Fallopius (of Fallopian tube fame) was generally credited with designing the first male prophylactic. Its purpose was not to prevent pregnancy but to combat the epidemic of the venereal disease ravaging Europe. Dr Fallopius’s invention quickly led to the manufacture of medicated linen sheaths a uniform eight inches long. They were secured to the base of the penis with a pink ribbon (cute). In the mid-1600s, King Charles II of England supposedly asked his personal physician to devise a method of protection against syphilis. Legend has it that the doctor created a sheath out of oiled sheep intestine and this was called Condom.😀💗

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