16 Tips to Help You Stand Out at Work

It may sound like a piece of lame advice to tell you to stand out brightly when in some workplace, employees are overworked and underpaid. But, standing out in a good way helps you shine uniquely and memorably. In the span of your career, you would be given plenty of opportunities to prove yourself. Put your best foot forward when you get these opportunities and show why you're a great talent to be well paid, retained and climb the career ladder. Here are my #16 top tips to help you stand out in a good way at work and advance your career.

➨Always spend time with colleagues who like, and care about their job.

Ignore (and stay away from) colleagues who complain negatively and put down the management.

Do things that increase your optimism on the job, and sets you up for success.

Improve the skills you’re good at, and see challenging skills as an opportunity to learn and grow. 

For self-motivation, reward yourself for your successes on the job, especially after completing a stretch project.

To be seen as a top talent for retention, improve on adaptability, technological literacy, people-management and take effective training and development programs that are designed with you.

Be your own best friend; treat yourself well and do things that are good for the bottom line because that's why you're employed.

Make good choices for yourself on the job, and don't let others make your choices for you.

When confronted with a mistake, avoid making excuses. Take responsibility for yourself, your choices, and your actions.

Be an employee who truly cares about the success of his employer company. Always have the right formal behaviour and professional image that elevates the company reputation from average to exceptional.

Be true to yourself and your values while on the job.

Treat coworkers with courtesy, politeness, and kindness. 

When you repeatedly experience workplace bully with a particular coworker, avoid yelling, gossiping, fighting or reporting. Call the attention of the bully to their inappropriate and abusive conducts, respectfully tell them to stop and set a boundary. Never be a target for bullying at the workplace. Also, treat others how you want to be treated. 

Set smart goals that align with your company's objectives.

On a piece of paper, write these goals and answer questions about the aspects of the goals you want to accomplish and work to achieve them.

Return to these set of goals at least once every five months to boost your optimism, check your progress, how far you’ve made it and what other responsibilities you need to take to attain all the goals!

I hope this post, helps you to become an effective employee and starts you on your journey to the most impactful development.

Love & more success, 💗

Your friend and Coach

~ Damilola Ogunremi 


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