Have You Used It?

When you bought your current phone did your friends like it? Did they ask you for the maker of the phone? Did you casually tell them the maker of the phone knowing that you were going to be helping the maker of your phone market their product? Chances are the word “marketing” never really entered your head. Perhaps it should have!


We often think of marketing as something conducted only by the sales team. Yet every day all of us are helping companies to market and sell their products to potential customers, rendering a service we’re not paid for. Imagine. You may have to tell a friend about your new car and the maker, about a dress, or about some products and refer them. All of these conversations are marketing and selling.


Unfortunately, we don’t recognize these situations as an avenue to sell our products to a larger audience. As a result, we often limit marketing to the sales team. The result? Sometimes a smaller customer base.


To help your products reach a larger audience, you need to stop denying your employees the products or the services you sell. Apart from your sales team, every employee is a potential salesperson, and the best way they can sell for you is by using your products. Also, your sales team need to go beyond using gimmicks, and mere training to sell products. They need to sell using personal experience. The best form of products is the ones you use, and see the success in it.


Give your products for free to all your employees. And here’s what will happen. Let’s say, for example, it is a beauty product you sell in your company. Your employees use your products and see their effectiveness. When people ask them what product they use, what they will be selling are effectiveness and personal experience. In my experience, this is a more effective way of marketing and selling than just trying to sell a product using a script.


If you’ve noticed, the common question you hear from customers when you’re trying to sell is, “Have you used it?” Your sales team need to do more than, “Ummm, it’s a very good product.”


I believe you can engage all your employees to improve your marketing success. Use the model of giving your products to all your employees for free to create a great user experience for your products, drive the word of mouth marketing and maximize referral rates to help attract more paying customers. 


Love & more success, 💗

Your friend and Coach

~ Damilola Ogunremi 


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