Important Tips for Extending Apology Properly

Nothing is less mannerly and put down your professional image than apologizing numerous times when you hurt people through your behaviours and actions, whether these are intentional or not. Social graces depend on you being respectful and kind to those you hurt, offering a genuine apology, restoring trust and balance, and not being a serial apologizer who keeps on repeating the same mistake.


✅ In business or social situations, when you make a mistake, a blunder and create an accident, or say something wrong, show grace and class by offering a SINCERE apology.


✅ Apologize IMMEDIATELY you cause a problem! The longer you wait to express your regrets after an incident, the less effective your gestures will be.


✅ When you apologize, ensure your voice and tone sounds HEARTFELT and SYMPATHETIC.


✅ Do not make excuses, nor drag your apologies on forever, and do not call additional attention to the mistake you've made, be as discreet as you can. Do your best to minimize the damage you’ve caused.


✅ In an attempt to do the right thing when you make a mistake, don’t put down your professional image by becoming a serial apologizer. It’s not a matter of how many times you apologize when you hurt someone’s feelings, but HOW you apologize.

✅ An excess apology without solution can be irritating to the person hearing it instead of comforting. So, when you make a mistake, instead of making a long list of excuses and extending numerous apologies, ADMIT the problem, apologize once or twice and explain how you will fix the problem if it’s a matter that needs fixing.


✅ For example, to restore your dignity you can say, "I deeply regret the inconveniences or the damage I have caused you. I will do what I can to make things right. Once again, I feel terrible about the incident and I hope that you will find it possible to forgive me." 


Moderation is key when you extend a proper apology. Never overuse “I’m sorry” in a social or business situation and hurt your professional image around co-workers, colleagues, or your boss. Be a solutionist and not a serial apologizer who keeps making the same mistake!    

I hope this post helps you take responsibility for your actions, build productive relationships, strengthen your self-confidence, self-respect and reputation.


Love & more success, 💗

Your friend and Coach

~ Damilola Ogunremi 


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