What If You Try Again: Coming Soon



What If You Try Again is almost complete! It's a story that promotes perseverance, encourage persistence to help children try again and not give up on a failed attempt. 


I'm going to make this ebook available for FREE for a little while for youth and parents to download!


To get notified when it's released, and get a link for your free download: Like and comment!


WHAT IF YOU TRY AGAIN is the first short story I've ever written, and it all starts with a young girl with a rich voice quitting on a high school biyearly musical talent show that promises scholarship to the university level, dashing the hope of her mother who is a young widow.


Bridget Boye, must persevere, find ways to overcome her obstacle, have faith in herself and others to have a second chance at reaching her goal in the musical show.


You don't want to miss this drama. 😊🙏💚



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