How to Communicate with Foreign Guests

A lot of business today is conducted on a global scale, and as result, you may have to host a foreigner in your home, company or travel abroad.


When it comes to communicating with a foreign guest part of the important things you must get right are:

Interpersonal Communication

Communication Approach

Being a Good Listener

Taking Control of the Conversation


Your interpersonal communication should consist of three parts:

1) What you say,

2) How you say it,

3) How you act.


Your communication approach should consist of:

S:     Smile.       

O:     Open gestures.  

F:     Flexibility.  

T:     Trust.

E:     Eye contact.      

N:     Nod.


Be a good listener

1)     Maintain a comfortable body position.

2)     Be attentive.

3)     Show interest.

4)     Show empathy.

5)     Ask questions to check to understand.

6)     Listen between the lines.

7)     Avoid jumping to conclusions.


Take good control of the conversation

Don’t be afraid to interrupt immediately if you are not sure you have understood something.

Use appropriate phrases to slow people down, clarify understanding and say what you think.

Avoid being egocentric. The word “I” is often a distancing word that separates the speaker from those he/she wants to connect with.

Keep a conversation going back and forth. Don’t just ask questions or wait for the guest to ask questions. Don’t just give short replies. Exchange and share information with the guest when needed.

Make short summaries at regular intervals in order to confirm understanding and agreement.

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Here’s to more success in your business.

Your friend and Coach,

Damilola Ogunremi

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