Good English, Good Business

Use good "International English in business."

Even if you have received your education in a different language or come from a place where English is barely spoken, dedicate yourself to improving your business English skills. Subscribe to a professional English language / English pronunciation learning channel online or register for a course.

Whether you’re doing business internationally or locally, go beyond the basic business standards, and communicate in English that can be understood by both native and nonnative speakers of English.

Whether you’re delivering presentations/speeches in meetings, speaking with customers or interacting with your colleagues, avoid using jargon, abbreviations, idioms and slang expressions. Communicate with better English that promotes teamwork, collaboration and more pleasing customer relationships.

Speak at the speed you want to be spoken to.

In business conversation, keep your words and sentences short and simple.

It’s ok to speak with an accent, but pronounce English words clearly.

Learning English and improving your pronunciation skills helps you to develop both your language and interpersonal communication skills.

Start today to make a good first impression in your business with good English and good pronunciation.

Here’s to more success in your business.

Your friend and Coach,

Damilola Ogunremi


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