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Are you spending HOURS searching the internet for generic etiquette topics and creating a class that makes little to NO IMPACT and does NOTHING to actually develop the children you're training...?

👉What if you could, instead, spend all of those hours teaching valuable lessons that connect to various character areas, and will actually BUILD the children you’re teaching and GROW your business...?!

Our Manners, Etiquette, SEL and Character Education Premium Training Materials for Academic Year Schedule helps you to teach lessons...

That educates the heart with morals, good character & values.

Builds social & emotional skills, self-control, decision-making, communication and problem-solving skills.

Shapes positive attitudes toward self and others, self-concept, self-esteem, pro-social attitudes toward aggression.

Decreases conduct problems, aggression, & disruptiveness.

Lower levels of emotional distress, anxiety, & depressive symptoms.

Improves better academic performance.

Foster social and emotional competencies.

Cultivates classroom trust & creates a positive school culture.

Creates a foundation for success throughout students’ academic careers and overall life.

😲 Partner with us today, and let us train you for a discounted fee of ₦25000 to subsequently train with our copyrighted materials for a 70/30 split every month.

👀This program is only available in an in-person format and can be taken at your own pace.

👀Find out more about how our Manners, Etiquette, SEL and Character Education Premium Training Materials for Academic Year Schedule can make your life & training business easier. Send your inquiries to, or WhatsApp 08170768650.



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