Proper Dining Manners Tidbit#01

1. When you sit down at the dinner table where a napkin is provided for you, pick up the napkin, gently unfold it, not shake it and place it on your lap. Don't use the back of your hand to clean out spills from the corner of your mouth. Don't use tissue from your purse to pat your mouth. Don't use your sleeve to wipe your mouth. Don't clean your hands on your dress, trousers or the chair you're sitting on. Use the napkin. If you're with your child, don't use the napkin to blow the kid's nose, clean his or her face or yours. If you have a child with a running nose use a handkerchief or a tissue. When you end with your meal, signal you are done by placing your napkin neatly on the table to the left of your dinner plate. 

I hope this tidbit helps you keep your professional image at dinner.

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