How to Explore and Exploit Business Opportunities

Dear Professionals,

How are things with you?

Are you maximizing the opportunities to take your business to a greater frontier? This week with my brand new article, I want you to delve into your business, improve good business habits, relationship with staff, and enjoy explosive growth.

Read below the expert tips I have for you for this week.

Take advantage of high visibility situations, and have a well-run establishment to increase the ₦ opportunity in your business.

Practice public speaking to market your business to become known as an expert in your industry.

Entice a potential client to meet with a promise of a decent lunch or dinner near their place of business. Once the prospect agrees to meet with you, send a calendar invite with a time to meet, including the restaurant address and the table you’ve reserved in the restaurant. Also, when you extend this sort of invitation, make sure you take care of everything, from the bill to figuring out any logistics for the meal.

Learn essential business etiquette rules for a successful business, and drive consistency around key building behaviours in your business.

Be an efficient manager of your business, tactically approach your role as a business leader and develop powerful conversations to get your staff to do what they need to do.

Engage in conversations that get not only staff’s fact and logic but reasoning, attitude, feeling and emotions both positive and negative to increase business progress and create a happy working environment.

Network with other professionals, also develop a good business relationship where others can express business ideas openly, critic your work honestly and get a 'listening ear' when they need one.

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Enjoy growing your business and have a great week! 💗

Warmly, Damilola Ogunremi

Business Etiquette Expert, Professional Speaker and Business Coach 

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