Are You Impacting Your Employees with Your Behaviour?


How to Start Impacting Your Employees with Your Behavior: Top New Training to Help Leaders Master Superior Behaviours for Strategic Outcomes.

Do you go overboard with your mannerism when telling employees what to do, or expressing dissatisfaction?

Some years ago a story was told of a manager whose team continuously lost critical business opportunities. He was grounded, knowledgeable and very experienced. But, why was his team losing? This manager was always at his emotional worst, behaving wildly and no one was spared from his wrath. His negative behaviour created a toxic workplace and sent a very damaging message to his team to engage in counterproductive work behaviours as a form of revenge against his aggressiveness. 

As a business leader, you can project behaviours that dramatically impact your team negatively. Being aggressive is not the only way to get results. You can push your team beyond their comfort zones and also charm them.

If you want to be more positive in your behaviour with your team and improve the outlook you display to create a safe culture, have greater influence, motivation on your employees, also increase their self-esteem, risk-taking behaviour and impact business performance. Then, this training program is for you. It uses effective behavioural change methods to help you get rid of negative behaviours and teaches you the steps to be far more positive in your outlook as a manager.

Available as an email course, in-person and zoom training. Contact today with any questions or concerns regarding registering for this course.


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