International Women’s Day

In honor of International Women’s Day, I want to chat with you! FOR A LIMITED TIME. . . . 30 MINUTE FREE CONSULTATION. JUST YOU AND ME.
 In which areas do you feel you need the advice to create balance for better in your world? To book a session with me, send me all that apply from the list below. Maximum of three concerns. “8 SLOTS AVAILABLE!!!” To book a session, email your selected list to

*Updating personal, professional image or both
*Greater confidence for public speaking satisfaction
*Personal and professional ambitions
*“We need to talk:” Managing difficult conversations with your partner
*Managing advice
*Praising your children holistically
*Managing day-to-day conversation with your children  
*Engaging in critical discussion with your learning teens
*Putting together a whole wardrobe
*Speaking in business situations
*Other (please specify)

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