How to Build Children’s Self-Confidence When They Speak in Front of Others

Over ninety minutes of virtual classroom program designed for mothers to help their children build their self-confidence when they speak in front of others.

This web-based program for mothers will cover:
Strategies and Tips to make Children’s First Speaking Experiences Successful
What Is Self-Esteem?
How to Raise Children’s Self-Esteem
Several Activities to Improve Children’s Self-Confidence

Program Objectives:  After completing this program, mothers will understand:
The importance of self-esteem in the lives of their children
Which factors tend to create high self-esteem
Which factors tend to create low self-esteem
How to build their children self-esteem
How to help their children share their ideas and the things they care about passionately with others

Our Virtual Classroom Training Course Important Notice
Our virtual classroom training courses are available for one-on-one training and groups. Please contact us to speak with us about your needs and whether web-based training is not appropriate for you or your group.

For our virtual classroom courses, we use Zoom as the primary course delivery system, as well as Skype and WhatsApp. Our programs work best if a participant has access to a laptop with a good keyboard, microphone, and webcam or a good smartphone.  Our virtual classrooms are priced by section. For additional information about pricing, please contact us for our training rate. Call 081707068650 or send us an email at

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