The Role You Never Considered

At DRS Etiquette and Image Consulting, it is our fervent belief that proper etiquette and good manners should be learned in childhood, or at the very latest, early adulthood. As a consequence, we find it disheartening to see poor etiquette and manners every day in our society. If we make such a big deal creating civility in our homes, we will create a civil society with time.

This is a role you may never have considered. But as a parent, you are in a unique position to teach your child good manners even if you pay for etiquette training in their schools. With the handout provided at your child’s etiquette class, be willing to reinforce at home what he or she learns. Always be interested in working with your child to teach him or her proper etiquette and being a good example.

Additionally, your child shouldn’t spend far more time surfing the Internet or watching TV than he or she do practicing polite behaviors. 

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