Day Summer Camp 2019

We are thinking of equipping your children with etiquette set of skills that will enable them to live life with confidence, are you? In a few months, time summer will be here. Any thoughts on keeping the children busy during the summer break? Send them to our Couth Day Summer Camp in July.

Our hands-on training and etiquette workshops will help them possess a higher degree of refinement, sense of responsibility, modesty, self-consciousness and leadership values.  

We offer the most comprehensive etiquette lessons available to children 5 to 18 and our lessons are taught by a certified etiquette consultant Damilola Ogunremi to instruct your children on proper etiquette. 

At our Couth Summer Camp, children learn proper manners to navigate modern-day circumstances with poise and confidence.  We strive for excellence and students graduate from our summer camp more couth, confident, skilled, and prepared for any social experience.  

Our environment is relaxed and interactive using activities roll play and lots of fun.  Enrolling your child for our summer camp will help them master manners early and send them to their future more prepared, socially savvy, couth, confident, considerate and ready for success.

Camp Descriptions: This summer camp provides a place for your children to learn the foundation of manners in fun memorable ways. They learn critical socialization skills like introductions, meeting and greeting, eye contact and remembering names.  In addition, learning effective listening and communication skills is so important for tweens and teens to develop into respected young adults.  Your children will learn the art of small talk, giving and receiving feedback, conversation skills, building healthy emotional self-perception, self-control, self-esteem, initiative, optimism, self-sufficiency and the do's and dont's of social media, email, technology, and cell phones.  Lastly, understanding the rules of etiquette and knowing proper dining skills completes the well rounded, couth, poised and confident young person.  Your children will learn all this plus so much more during their five days of Couth Summer Camp. 

Dates, Times, and Cost: July 22nd, 26th from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m daily. Daily campers are required to make full payment upon registration to secure booking. All deposits are non-refundable and non-transferable. Early Registration Fee - ₦31, 500.00. After May 31st - ₦35, 500.00.

Location of Day Summer Camp: 5, Adenuga Street, Bakery Bus Stop, Aguda, Surulere, Lagos.

For more info and to register please call Damilola:  08170768650 or 0803732952.

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