Can't You Thank Me?

Do you know that feeling people express when they get something? The warm, gracious thank you receives when you go out of your way to gift a nice thing? Of course, you do. It is called gratitude. Well, that wasn’t the feel-good factor I got when I gave a young woman gift that cost me a few thousand bucks a few weeks ago. The mother of the young girl said to her daughter in my presence, “Did I give you permission you could take a gift from her?” While she might have been joking although, I doubt she was joking, because she didn’t say thank you afterward.  This is bad behavior and unnecessary self-importance.

If at all she’s going to scold the child later for collecting the gift, what should have come out of her mouth as a mother is, “have you said thank you?”

When someone gives your child a gift whoever they are, don’t let pride consume your thinking at that point in time. Rather, prompt your child him or her to say “thank you.” If possible to take the “thank you” beyond, let your child state what they appreciate about the gift as a way for the giver to feel appreciated.

Gratitude is a powerful and almost universal phenomenon. It’s a must and teaching our young people such a good manner will give them weight enough to get much positive attention in any kind of atmosphere.

Don’t let your lapses in courtesy show up in your children. Be a good imitation. Being a Couth Mum is Simply Intelligence Making SMART Part of your Children’s Lives. Be Courteous!!

Photo by Engin Akyurt from Pexels

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