Don't Suck At Drinking

How many of you suck on Coca-cola bottles and the rest? Don’t tell lies o! I can hear your thoughts. My own finger is up! When our excessively hot weather and the tropical sun has dealt with me, sucking up soft drinks from the bottle is the only way I get to enjoy the chillness of a Coca-cola or Fanta gurgling in my throat and refreshing my body. But, does that make it okay? No! This practice looks backward and can detract from our image. If you have this habit, I implore, manage it. I’m handling mine. ☺ Taking drinks from a bottle requires prompting yourself to drink slowly. Instead of thrusting your tongue forward against the bottle, and sucking in the drink, take it, drop by drop into your mouth. It’s that simple!  I wish you a fruitful week.

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