Be Careful How You Disclose Your Plans

Hey 💗! 

Always try to keep things that you want to do from prying ears that have negative energy. Have you ever spoken to someone who was enthusiastic about your plans and then you noticed, there was somebody around them who probably didn’t show interest in what you were saying and after sometime when you expect positive feedback from your previous encounter or conversation, things turned sour? What did you think happened?

You must always be wary of anything or anyone that has the potential to create negative vibes around your endeavors.  You may be lucky you have friends/acquaintances or, colleagues that have strong character. Unfortunately, in the world we are today where most bonds have become shallow, you need to be timely with the way you bombard the aforementioned group with your good plans. Don’t make yourself a victim of envy.

A writer once advised that you should avoid things that can attract avoidable envy from the people around you. The only people who need to know about your plans are those who will help you to make it happen. Be wise. 

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