You're Being Trained So You Can Be a Hope Giver in This Life

Are you on the brink of giving up? You’re not alone. I get the feeling because I’ve been there before. And I’ve got this to tell you about this darkest period of your life.

You will get a new start in every area of your life.



Yes, you hear me right.


The wheel will turn. You're going to be on top of the situation that makes it seem like your life is over.


The table is about to turn and you'd sit on top of the world. It may not feel like that right now, but you’re destined to come out on top.


So, do not fall into the darkness of taking your life. No matter how painful your situations are, they are put in your path to help your soul to grow whether you realize it or not.


I get, you don't understand the process. But listen, whatever you are going through now is training so you can be a beacon of light to hundreds of thousands. You are going through this training so you can be a walking testimony.


All darkest days are temporary no matter how fervent they are.


Please, don't give up. Your story is going to be so groundbreaking. You’re going to touch thousands, maybe even millions to give them encouragement to never give up in life.


You’re on this painful chapter now, but there's another chapter that's going to be written about your life, which would be of splendour. It’s time to drop all the suicidal thoughts and keep on searching for the victory that's already cemented in your destiny.


So, get up now from the darkness that billows. See the good in everything breaking apart. Hold on a little longer. Give everything a second chance. You’re going to lead many. It’s your #spiritualboothcamp. Permit your soul to grow.

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