Give Your Child A Balanced Education

As you protect your children, nurture them, love them and send them to a good school. Also, put importance on their emotional and social growth.


If you want your children to grow into well-mannered, socially and emotionally capable young people then, put importance into educating their minds, hearts and character. 


Give them the essential tools to prepare them for life.


Let us assist you today through our premium programs in giving your children balanced education. Our courses are available as an academic year schedule, half-day intensive training, full-day intensive training, 1-month intensive training, 6 months of intensive training and private one-on-one training. They are also available as a valuable resource for parents and teachers alike who understand the importance of etiquette, good manners, character education and EQ teaching for children. Our courses are taught in schools, clubs and synagogues. They are available as classroom and online learning. To request full details on any of the courses listed below or learn more about our other courses. Please email or WhatsApp 08170768650.


➤How to Prevent and Stop Bullying

➤How to Avoid Negative Peer Pressure

➤Violent and Nonviolent Behaviors and Attitudes

➤Supreme Manners and What They Are

➤Building Honesty and Integrity

➤Pro-Social Communication Skills and Strategies

➤Mental and Emotional Care

➤Listening Effectively

➤Effective Communication Skills

➤How to Identify Stress and Deal with It

➤How to Express Emotions Appropriately

➤How to Build Self-Confidence & Speak in Front of Others

➤Polished Presence and Style

➤How to Build Impressive Carriage with Dignity

➤Interviewing Skills

➤The Dining Experience & the Tools of the Table

➤Supreme Poise & Posture

 Supreme Life Skills

➤Supreme Grooming

➤Respecting Parents and other Adults

➤Inept Problem-Solving Skills

➤The Etiquette of Friendship

➤The Etiquette of Teens Romance

➤Opening New Opportunities When You Meet Someone New

➤Children Owning Businesses

➤Manners at the Table

➤Being Considerate towards Others

➤Prim and Poised Stance

➤Social Etiquette

➤Communication Skills

➤Ways to Show Respect

➤Including Others 

➤Being Kind to People who are Different 

➤Words of Respect 

➤Host and Guest Behavior 

➤Behaviour in Public 

➤Giving and Receiving Gifts

➤Creating a Compassionate School


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