Bucket-Filler Valentine

As you go about today, make sure your bucket is not empty with your heart holding the feelings of sadness and loneliness. Don’t do mean things. Don’t ignore yourself or others, or do things that make others feel bad.

Don’t pull others down to feel happy. That will never bring you true happiness. You will never fill your bucket when you empty someone else’s.

Hold good thoughts and good feelings about yourself and others.

Fill your bucket with feelings of happiness. Even if situations around you is sad, find happiness within you. It's so much more fulfilling when the happiness you feel has your own quality and not something you derive depending on someone else's words and behaviour.

Fill your bucket and other people’s bucket.

Use caring words for yourself and others.

Take a step to light up other people’s faces with smiles and you will smile too.

Show love to someone or do something kind.

Be a loving caring person. Do a nice thing that makes you and others feel special.

Smile, and say “Hi,” to the security guard of your company to fill his bucket.

Invite the new lady or guy in your team for lunch to fill their bucket.

Write nice things to your team lead, a friend or a spouse to fill their bucket.

Spend time with the destitute and gift them something no matter how little to fill their bucket.

Stick up for your colleague who is behind in his or her work.

Show good manners to others no matter their social class in life. Say “please,” to accompany your request. and “thank you” once the request is granted.

Resolve conflicts in a friendly tone.

Clean up a mess, and don’t wait until the cleaner shows up before it’s taken care of.

All through today and beyond, fill your bucket and someone else's with heavens by what you say and what you do.


Happy Valentine's Day!

Love and More Success.💗 

Your friend & Coach,

Damilola Ogunremi.

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