How to Use Safe Attitude to Intensify Positive Workplace

“Your positive attitude is always under a judging condition and when you least expect it, it will create an opportunity, for you to move up in life to succeed more than a positive attitude bankrupt person, with excellent academic qualifications.”

—Damilola Ogunremi

How is your way of behaving affecting your working environment, you and others?

I was recently in an office where four employees had a heated argument. In the conversation following the argument, subject one was enraged and furious about how he’s so tired of the negative behaviour of one of them to the others. He said he was, “unsupportive,” and “impolite.” Subject two was enraged and furious too, and said he was tired of his “bitter behaviour.” The third employee, while somewhat annoyed at the fourth employee with the negative attitude, was relatively calm and merely described his feelings towards his behaviour as having no “care,” for others.

Hmm. . .

Having certain positive personality traits: a caring attitude that reflects in the way you identify with, treat your working environment and handle relationships with co-workers, and appreciative attitude that embraces the unique perspectives and talents that each person on your team brings to the business, being a more patient person who is mindful of his or her actions and words and conducting self with all humility are all safe and competent attitude that:

📌Breeds a favourable working environment

📌Fosters better relationships with co-workers, employers and customers

📌Fosters teamwork

📌Produces dependability

📌Solve problems

📌Improves quality

📌Increases productivity

📌Increases profits

From now on practice the above safe attitude to intensify an upbeat working environment or to make sure your attitude remains positive.


List two colleagues you have problems with. Then write down at least one potential positive attitude you can use to have a smooth working relationship with them. Practice this strategy with future problems you may encounter with anyone on the job.

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I wish you an enjoyable week.


Love & More Success. 💗


Your friend and Coach, 

Damilola Ogunremi.

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