How to Conduct Yourself with Class


To conduct yourself with class in the workplace, cultivate poise and practice it daily. Being well versed in your job beyond your industry shows poise. Acquire a well-rounded repertoire of knowledge that can improve your job skills. Read books. Attend training programs and watch a variety of webinars.

One of my mentors told me, “Learning is not restricted to a certain age in life.” Seize every opportunity you have to learn everything you can in your industry and you feel more poised and confident on the job and be able to conduct yourself with class in the workplace.

Have a courtesy that promotes goodwill in the workplace by showing concern when dealing with your colleagues. Be a thoughtful listener rather than always trying to talk over your colleagues. People love being listened to and gravitate to people who take the time to listen to them. This will allow you better working relationships and career progress.

When there’s a problem with your company’s clients, as a leader with poise, take a step back and be composed. Find a less dramatic way to deal with the crisis. Don’t be inconsiderate, insolent, and rude to your company’s clients. Have a poise that makes them feel safe, respected, secured and comfortable in your presence, and they will extend their approving judgment to other employees of your company.

As a representative of your company, don’t stand only for yourself, but also for the company as a whole. Be Poised, Courteous, and Respectful.

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