Mindshifts for Positive You!

When you become aware of your mindsets, you are able to think about challenging situations in a new way. By making key mindshifts, you are empowered to change your reactions in a way that reduces the effect of your challenging situations on you and thrive emotionally.

Here are the mindsets that are usually at play when things are not going our way, and the mindshifts you can make to help you.

Mindset: Poor me! Poor me! Another failure! Why can’t I just have what I want? Oh, I’m down! I am paralyzed into inaction. I’m too hurt to exhibit greater self-control.

Mindshift: Life isn’t purposefully denying me what I want. Delay happens to others. It’s part of life. I’m tapping into the part of my brain that is responsible for managing impulses and managing my big emotions.

Mindset: I can control things and effect change by all means whatever it takes.

Mindshift: You have no control over what happens in life. Only God controls that. (One of the most important things about life that no one warns you about when you were coming to the world!) What you can control is how you respond in tough times. That is what will shape your behaviour positively.

Mindset: It is mean not to get what I want after trying so hard for it. Life is so unfair to me! I can’t go on! The grieves that follow when you give in to self-pity are detrimental to you.

Mindshift: What you want may not necessarily be what you need at the moment. And the suffering you experience when things don’t go your way doesn’t have to be damaging to you. You can see great future possibilities, try other things and become more strong and resilient.

Making positive mindshifts in tough times keeps you connected to yourself, keeps you focused, keeps you believing in yourself, enables you to find helpful resources, take personal responsibility, helps you to see life in an unquestionable way and become more loving towards yourself.



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