Failures Shall Not Be My Final Destination

Your weekly declaration. . .

I acknowledge with my mouth the truths from God’s words about my life. Even though I suffer now, no failure shall overcome me in Jesus name.

By the power in the blood of Jesus, my future is completely protected from destruction in Jesus name.

I shall achieve might things in my life in Jesus name.

I shall win glorious triumphs in my professional life, even though checkered by failures in Jesus name.

By the power in the name of Jesus, I push myself out of the grey twilight that knows neither victory nor defeats in Jesus name.

Though failure happens to me, I shall not be a failure in Jesus name.

Despite setbacks and blunders, I shall not give up on myself in Jesus name.

Whatever my embarrassing experience, I shall pick up myself in Jesus name.

The good Lord shall redeem my misstep every time in Jesus name.

By God, I shall benefit from every failure, mistake and embarrassing experience in Jesus name.

Through Christ that strengthens me, I move forward with my business/career dreams.  This is my declaration in Jesus name.


This week, I wish you favour and mercy in your business and personal life. 💗


Damilola Ogunremi,

Your friend and Coach.


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