Boss Behave Yourself

 A CEO or supervisor that lacks self-control and talks anyhow to the subordinates cause the workplace to intensify into an increasingly unproductive environment.

Losing your cool and talking anyhow to the employees is the biggest part of bad business manners.

“You’re incompetent! You don’t get the job done on time. I don’t think, you are interested in making this establishment get the right results. You don’t follow instructions well at all. You make stupid mistakes in your work. How did someone like you get into this company? A messy fellow like you is not suited to work in this organization,” are all statements that cause problems and lack of productivity in the workplace.

Every leader has difficult, conflicting or angry times with the employees where they become quite emotional and feel like dishing out blame, criticism and throwing around all sorts of toxicity, but using simple business manners in angry situations lead to a more productive workplace.

When you have an issue with an employee and your emotional level is lowered. Rather than reacting immediately and lashing out, take a deep breath, take some time and try to collect your thoughts. Point out the mistakes, and convey what you want to be done in a respectful and reserved manner.

Pay careful attention to business rules, social norms and master them. Restrain yourself when you get the urge to misbehave towards a subordinate, and you will improve your mindset, lifestyle and build a reputation as a responsible and positive leader.

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