Don’t Let This Cost You, Your Job!

Positive body language and enthusiastic attitude is a crucial component of workplace success.  While you may have the best technical skills, showing interest in your job retains your job. By having optimistic body language and showing eagerness, you show you’re interested in your job and working with a purpose to produce results. If you doubt how important having the correct body language and showing enthusiasm is on the job, read my story.

Last two Thursdays, I was in a company that contacted me with an interest in training.

I dialogued with the CEO and find out what he wants to accomplish with the training.

I met with the sales team to assess the area they need to improve.

After two hours of consulting and assessing the sales team, I finally identified the skills needed to reach the training goals.

One of the sales team people showed poor body language, passivity, beautiful, but very lifeless face. Her body movement was very flaccid, sluggish and she showed no enthusiasm!

The employer didn’t find her flaws acceptable.

“I need people with enthusiastic attitude in my business. I like people who show a keen interest in their job,” he said to me and then turned to the employee. “I didn’t employ you because of your beauty. I hired you to for this position to meet deadlines, make sales and build this brand through enthusiastic skills. I can’t employ you and be teaching you everything. I don’t think I’m going to retain you.”

Putting your business in the care of those who are not eager to get the job done is scary.

I put in words for the salesperson to be given a second chance.

“During my assessment, she was the only one who was able to describe the product she would be marketing, the strategy she would use to sell her idea and the benefit of the product to the potential customer.”


The CEO irritation heated up!

“But Ogunremi, she doesn't have the right body language. Please, I’m letting her go!”

Dear employee, if you can get hired, make effort to possess all the necessary skills needed to retain your job. Here is somebody language you should avoid:

💫Slumped posture

💫Clutching your hands around you

💫Crumbling your face in an angry way when you’re not even angry

💫Closing or fisting hands

💫Avoiding eye contact

💫Putting your head in your hands

💫Squinting and furrowing your brow

💫Tightly setting your lips

💫Sitting rigidly with your feet flat on the floor

💫Drumming your fingers on a tabletop

💫Giving a quick, weak, or tentative handshake

💫Tapping your foot on the floor

On the job, always look alert and interested all the time.

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Love and more success. 💗

Your friend and Coach,

Damilola Ogunremi.



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