How to Show Good Manners in a Conversation


Simple manners can be your best friend in a conversation, help you appear confident, poised, gracious and make friends and colleagues comfortable in a conversation with you. Watch the video and read the message below for my conversation tips. 😉💗 

💫Always acknowledge the person you're speaking with avoiding total silence, texting, and answering only in monosyllables.


💫Don’t bring up subjects that will annoy or trouble the person.


💫When you accidentally bring up subjects, that causes pain, immediately apologize. And turn to another subject as soon as possible.


💫Don’t take all the attention in a conversation. Give the other person an opportunity to speak.


💫When the other person is talking, don’t interrupt them. Wait until he or she has finished talking, before asking any questions or adding to what he or she has said. 



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