New Masterclass: Breaking the Ice with Small Talk in Power Circles

New #BreakingtheIcewithSmallTalkinPowerCircles masterclass!

Do you know that, beyond being professionally competent, you need to have outstanding social skills? Yes, you need to be a professional who can strike up a conversation with absolutely anyone. You need to be outgoing and interesting. Bosses like the confident socializers who find it easy to talk to anyone, especially when they attend business seminars, cocktail parties, corporate social events such as conferences and association meetings. These affable employees are an easy target for promotion. Sociable professionals easily expand their network and meet potential clients or future employers. Sadly, for some professionals, conversation with strangers can be difficult.

I have good news for you. There are skills to learn to make conversation effortless, and you can acquire these skills. I invite you to our masterclass ‘Breaking the Ice with Small Talk in Power Circles.’ We would share with you techniques that will help you to communicate easily and freely, topics you should avoid, the main principles and rules of communication.

This masterclass will be held at 381 Borno Way, Yaba Lagos. Or you can opt-in for our Zoom class.

Date time: 25 November 2020.

Investment: ₦10, 000.

Click training registration to sign up now. For more inquiries email or use our contact form on the homepage. 

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