Fifteen Ways to Set the Stage for Your Restaurant Business Dining

When it comes to hosting a business dinner in a restaurant you need to create an ideal condition for entertaining your clients and conduct business smoothly. The following tips have been put together to help you plan your business meal to the smallest detail to ensure success.

1- Book a familiar restaurant well in advance to secure the best table, and avoid the table that faces a mirror or is near the kitchen or restrooms.


2 - Prearrange payment.


3 - Invite client, and provide all necessary information including finding out your guest's likes or dislikes about certain cuisine.


4 - The day before the business dinner, call your guest and confirm if the meeting still holds.


5 - Arrive early to be at the restaurant before your guest arrives.


6 - Arise to greet your guest at the door, and remain standing until he or she is seated.


7 - Give the best seat to your guest.


8 - Have alcohol in moderation.


9 - Have a backup plan of pocket full of topics that can be used for small talk.


10 - Avoid ordering hard to eat and complicated foods for your guest.


11 - Introduce business after entrée.


12 - Use dessert for the meeting wrap-up.


13 - Don’t linger after dessert unless pre-arranged.


14 - In all the meeting, ensure you’re very responsible for your guest.


15 - There are no particular tipping guidelines in Nigeria restaurants. But, if you receive good service, I recommend you tip the wait staff before you leave.


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Photo by Nick Bondarev from Pexels

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