How to Demonstrate Etiquette in the Workplace


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Quickly picture this: that you show a level of polish that brings business success where you work instead of failure.


Wouldn’t that win the confidence of your employer and business colleagues? But of course, it will!


In today’s competitive business environment, your technical abilities aren't always enough to climb the corporate ladder higher and faster.


You have to go beyond just doing your job. You have to handle yourself and work teams with worth and values, practising effective protocol and etiquette in such a way that promotes peace and harmony and amplify a positive company culture.


As challenging as it may sound, with the right guidance, it’s highly possible to make being business poise savvy easier. 


That's why I've put together tips on 'How to Demonstrate Etiquette in the Workplace' so you can become more effective in the business environment.


Go ahead and lean!

Treating others kindly

Treat every staff mindfully and kindly from the security guards to the managing director not because they have a better education, or are in a higher position, but because you’re a good person, competent professional and trust in your confidence. This timeless and valuable principle will also prompt others to treat you better and hold you in high esteem.

Creating a productive environment

Contribute towards creating a productive environment, and sustaining your employer’s business. Set personal and company goals, which will enable you to accomplish better work outcomes. And amplify your highest abilities to stay ahead on the job.

Sharing space courteously

Be courteous in the use of shared spaces in the business environment. Don’t throw yourself all over the places. Don’t wrinkle your nose at other’s perfume or sigh loudly after they do something. Be courteous, considerate and be attentive.

Being helpful

The first step in demonstrating etiquette in the workplace, and making the business environment a better place and improving the relationships with those you’re lucky to work with is helping them out. Being helpful does not reduce your status or age. I know, you’ve got a lot on your plate. But, do your bit and participate in teamwork when you can.

Using humour wittily

When you’re using humour with colleagues, remember they’re still human beings. So crack jokes politely and respectfully. Tease wittily to win a friend and not destroy a relationship.

Having correctness in speech & action

To work peacefully in a diverse work environment, and have a greater understanding of people with different backgrounds, beware of other people ideas and beliefs. Have political correctness. While you may have a good conversation about your religion with colleagues, never impose it on them. Have polite actions and diplomatic language. Listen to understand others and avoid negative words.

Taking responsibility

Never blame colleagues for something you do wrong, it shows a lack of accountability. When you’re at fault for a problem, own up to the mistake. It doesn’t make you incompetent. Explain what went wrong, and avoid giving excuses. Accept consequences, apologise and create a solution to fix the problem and move on from the situation.  

Being on time

Being punctual at work will display your respect, business poise and your responsibility. It ensures you get your job done in time, and encourages your team to do their bit promptly. Additionally, it gets you lots of respect.

Using privileges cautiously

Misuse of privileges can result in loss of productivity on the job. Manage your privileges carefully. Do your job promptly. Be responsible. Use your privileges to build more successes and not incur a loss.

Be polite to all

To build work trust, safety and wellbeing, be polite to your business colleagues. Respect them by accepting them for who they are even when you don’t agree with them or they are not as smart as you are. Politeness has and will never go out of fashion.


Love & more success, 💗

Your friend and Coach

~ Damilola Ogunremi 


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