Few Easy Steps to Instil Morals in Your Kids


#MummyGivingAuthoritywithLove, to make sure good manners and discipline are not a sticking point in your house; model the good values you’re teaching your children.  

Immature, spoilt, disrespectful, dishonest, disruptive behaviours from parents have a way of making children behave in an awful manner they wouldn’t, normally.

You need to be a conscious role model, so you’re not misleading your children.

When you tell children, “This is how I behave because I’m an adult, and this is how you should behave because you’re still young,” you’re telling them you don’t place value on the ethics you teach them. This increases their chances of going astray and being irresponsible.

Children see their parents as role models and try to follow in their footsteps. Thus, you can’t be as your children and raise them well. You have to be of a strong and better character to raise well-rounded children, to be well rewarded for it.

Exercise:   How to eliminate your bad manners

Are there any bad manners you’re currently struggling with that's confusing the children? Review the list. Which are the two or three that you regularly exhibit?

Write out the positive alternative ‘good manners’ on a small card, screen saver or somewhere where you’d see it regularly.

Practice these new good manners daily.

Pick a particular day of the week for reviewing your progress, and maintain this momentum for three weeks.

This process will mature you, and allow you to connect with your children and instilling good morals in them will be effortless.

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