Make believing in your WORTH a priority

A man who feels unfit or undeserving, never make a reality the opportunities that are in store for him.

Go ahead and affirm the following: “I believe in my worth.”

Are you ready to embark in the journey of experiencing your HEART’S DESIRE fully? Then make believing in your WORTH a priority!

Do you know that believing in your worth is powerful? Holding yourself in high esteem can be a differentiator between seeing success and achieving it. Yet, you and I often forget this reality and time and time again, we experience more fear, loss, and less joy.

That’s why I’m excited today to encourage you to stop thinking of yourself as NOTHING or NOTHING MUCH. Stop heaping up personal put-downs that DEPRECATE your PERSON’S WORTH. Low self-worth is one of human’s greatest detriments. So, start ESTEEMING YOURSELF. The nature of loving yourself and having a healthy self-esteem is a tool that helps shift your vibration into a more positive direction, so you don’t twirl into negativity.

How do you get your mind to this optimal state? Whether you desire to have good new stable customers, get a new job, have a good home or get the financial opportunity to expand your business. Always remove DOUBT about your TRUE WORTH. DOUBT is what holds you and me back from accomplishing more. It inhibits us from looking inside ourselves and believe we’re worthy of the extraordinary.

Let me ask, how many times has LOW SELF-WORTH kept you from going for what you want? If you’re like most people, I wager your answer is “way too many times!” well, that ends today with simply eliminating DOUBT about what you deserve, ESTEEMING yourself, expanding your WORTH and boldly getting what you want out of life.

Love & more success, 💗

Your friend and Coach

~ Damilola Ogunremi 


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