For Small Business Owners: What’s in Your Employee’s Dressing? A Lot!

If you’re an entrepreneur, a school owner, an employer of labor then, you should read this.

Dress, makeup and grooming are important. How you dress like a boss and how your employees dress really do matter. How your employee dress can bestow dignity or take it away from you and your business.

Ensuring that your employees are properly, smartly, and professionally dressed is important to your business success, because it presents a visual image and sends a message that you’re professional. In fact, it represents your marketing image, influence how you’re perceived as a leader and whether people should take you seriously, and respect your brand.

A lady working for me is usually seen as my colleague and not an employee, because I help her with her wardrobe. I don’t just give wardrobe advice, I make provision for wardrobe. Can you also do that for your business, just for the sake of being recognized for successful branding?

Back to my lady employee, one day she dressed very tackily to work, and that placed me in a position of a very distinguished looking boss, and her, a rundown employee. This isn’t the appearance I wanted for my brand . . . I’ve been to some schools where their cleaners, security guards are clad in dull wretched uniform and their teachers in cheaply outfit. Also, I’ve seen some small business owner staff in attire that has no iota of professionalism. Is this truly the sort of branding you want for your business? Think again!

I told my lady staff she looks like “a magnified shoddy housemaid,” without being aggressive or belittling her. We joked and laughed a lot about this. I suggested how she should combine her clothes for a professional outlook. That would not only give her professional appearance but would also provide an easier way for her to represent my business in a good way.

So, how your employees dress can be said to represent your marketing message, the physical reflection of your own self and your business in the form of appearance. If you haven’t been thinking of “branding” start now to create a marketing image that allows you to build a reputable business. Create a professional dress code, and share with your staff. I can help you with this for a small cost.

Talk again soon,
Damilola Ogunremi
DRS Etiquette and Image Consulting – Building Lives, Reputation and Image

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