Use the word ‘Challenge’ in place of ‘Problem’

Hello Monday!

Dear Professionals, 

What could be better than having a job to do? Working hard, and having some income to take care of your money needs. Even though it might not be a better-paid job, the kind you would have really wanted, I definitely believe the self-esteem you get from holding down a job and being financially independent is worth something. So, be grateful. And just before you embark on the new week’s job, there is a skill you should learn to help your customers see you as a solution provider.

Eliminate the word problem from your vocabulary. When customers hear ‘problem’ the automatic thinking is that something will be difficult, or can’t be done, or that solution will be unsuccessful. Instead, rephrase any issue your customers might encounter doing business with you as a ‘challenge.’ For example, “I think there is a problem with getting your goods delivered. The couriers are always late,” could be rephrased as “I think there is a challenge in getting your goods delivered on time. I will ensure this doesn’t happen next time.”

Use the word ‘challenge’ in place of ‘problem,’ and talk in future tense rather than in the past.

Have a blessed new week!

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