Have a More Empowering Work Life

The reason why a lot of people fail in job/career/business choice is that they never take the proper time out to really think through what they are actually capable of.  They are too busy thinking “How can I get money” or “I need to pay the bills”.

Hence they move ahead like a steamroller and they seem to overlook the foundation stage of choosing a job/career/business. For me, you can save a lot of time and problems downstream if you take a step back and take some time to formulate what it is that you are actually capable of.

In this post I recommend that you make a shift towards contributing your full potential, by first laying these three foundations.

Passion: Discover your passion. Your passion should be the natural talents that you enjoy and for which you have boundless energy to excel.

Personality: Identify your strengths. For example, my top strength lies in challenging critical situations with fresh, innovative and strategic ideas to bring about solutions, and that I turned into a career.

Career: A career is a professional path to major in or to master so that one can make the desired impact. Now translate your passion, and strength into a career that will lead you to more empowering work life. To be an expert and to be marketable, take a part-time class while you’re in your current job, and acquire the training necessary. #WantLife #LiveLife #BeABusinessVisionary 

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