Making a Sparkling Connection in Business

Do you know that your potential clients are evaluating your ability to connect with others? In the business world, you meet new people all the time, for many reasons and in many situations. Being able to interact with others, talk, smile or greet makes everyone feel comfortable and is one of the most useful skills you can acquire in business to enhance your professional image to be more successful. But many of us get tripped up on getting along with others. So, I give you tips on making a sparkling connection in business in this article.

Whether you’re meeting with owners of a business, the gateman, the office cleaners, guests in the waiting area, or the receptionist, work on making people feel genuinely important.

Meet: Whatever your status is in business, don’t wait for others to make the first move. Take the responsibility for meeting people. Be the first to say “hello.”

Smile: Taking the time to smile at people will show your potential clients that you’re happy to be in the presence of others and that you’re a warm, friendly person who is worth doing business with.

Compliment: Everyone loves a nice compliment. Find something that you can genuinely compliment the other person on and then move to a question.
Engage: Start a conversation. Ask questions like, “What brings you to Haquo Firm? Listen more than you talk.

Introduce yourself: Benefits are what the other person should learn from you (knowledge, education, skills) In your introduction, don’t start off with the words “I am” followed by a “title” because a title does not explain what you do or how you’re a solution provider in the business arena. Here’s a good example, “I teach companies how to manage their professional image in order to attract more business and make a positive impression.

To evolve or not: At this junction exchanging business cards will invariably be the next step. But, you should never pass your cards out to anyone just for passing sake.  Always have a specific reason for giving out your card. Politely wrap up the conversation by engaging in something else.

This is quite some skills to build, but you can build it, my dear business professional. So do not delay and start connecting with others.

Your friend and Coach,

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