What Problem Can Your Talents Solve?

If you have been ignoring offering your talents in order to make a difference in your life, the community and the world, I invite you to reconsider.

Do you know what we call entrepreneurship today began several decades ago? Hundred years back you wouldn’t have heard people saying they were “going to work.”  Rather, each person had a skill they perfected or a craft they polished that could improve a situation, a product or a life and then, they would go into the community, the marketplace, or someone’s home to offer their abilities or talents in exchange for money, food, or goods.

Today, many people have the mentality that they are owned white-collar job. However, this is not where the true joy of life sometimes lie, but in using your talents.

What are you doing with all your God-given talents, gifts, opportunities and resources? Don’t tell me you’re not talented. Everyone has a talent; no one is created empty.  

Try these for yourself to determine your talents. I’m sure you’ll find the exercise quite motivating.

⧪Take a jotter and outline your passions, and activities you enjoy now?
⧪Write down the best abilities the people who know you have commended you for?
⧪Make a long list of your talents, and gradually cut it down to top five.
⧪Then brainstorm ideas for turning them into skills that could improve a situation, product, or life and make money for you.

⧪Before I wrap up this piece, it’s worth looking at a few more exercises that can help you use your talents. Once you’ve done the aforementioned, write down what problem is it that your talents can solve, and how you can solve it. List areas that need improvement, like taking a course or going for training to hone your skills.
⧪Identify your ideal customers. Get to know their interests, and how much they have to spend, and why they should buy your services or products.
⧪Brainstorm innovative methods to offer your talents that your competitor is not already using.

⧪Now differentiate your business from other service providers in your niche. Create (USP) unique selling proposition that helps give your prospective customers a good idea of what to expect when buying your services or products.  Ours at DRS Etiquette & Image Consulting is “developing capacity through training and mentoring.” And our slogan is “influencing lives with more success.” So, don’t confuse the two.

⧪Investigate your competitors, find out how they’re doing things to know more about the business and create a clear identity that makes you stand out from them.  

By delving into the core of your talents, you can have something to offer. There’s not much I can share with you on this topic in this post, and I know you’re really committed to creating success from your talents, right? I don’t want to send you off with these few tips. I believe more guidance will nurture your talents to fruition. For more help leave a comment below.

Talk again soon,
Damilola Ogunremi
DRS Etiquette and Image Consulting – Building Lives, Reputation and Image

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