Set Your Business's New Year's Resolutions Now

Don't allow your business's New Year's resolutions to fizzle out—make sure to set them again no matter how unfulfilled they were the previous year.

Adopt a comprehensive approach with your resolutions that enables you to make little adjustments even when things don't seem to be going as planned.

Craft a compelling business, relationships, and future vision, and take the necessary steps to pave the way for a more rewarding and happier life on both a personal and professional level.

Set reasonable resolutions that are in line with your fundamental values, and make sure that every action and step you take is in line with your vision.

An effective first step in creating realistic resolutions is to assess where you're coming from, your current situation, your goals, and your desired next level. To help you in setting the stage for your resolutions, I'm going to share with you an introspective exercise that you can undertake right now.

Go somewhere peaceful. give the following some thought, and write down the greatest resolutions you have ever made!

1. How has the past year of business been for your enterprise?
2. What brought sales?
3. What didn’t go so well?
4. Out of all the business setbacks you had, what has been the most valuable lesson you have learned?
5. Which business fundamentals do you want to adhere to, or which are you now using in your enterprise to foster success?
6. How are you raising brand recognition through advertising?
7. In what ways is your business leveraging competition to its benefit?
8. How are you strategically positioned in the market by leveraging your USP?
9. What kind of system do you have in place in your business to help you achieve your goals and advance to the next level?

Give yourself the gift of direction and clarity as the new year gets underway.

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I hope you have a happy new year and a prosperous business in 2024.

Warm regards,
Damilola Ogunremi
Your Professional friend and Coach

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