Meeting Etiquette Tips

Remember that meetings are a common occurrence in the corporate world and should be treated with the utmost etiquette, regardless of your role, whether you are an MD or a young professional.

Are you ready to stand out in a good way at your next business meeting? Here are your meeting etiquette tips.

1. Arrive on time.

2. Be prepared.

3. Actively participate in discussions.


4. Show respect for others by not interrupting.

5. To ensure that your statements are clear, easy to understand and not attack or put down other’s opinions, use the correct pronouns such as "I," "We," "But," and "And" when contributing to discussions.

6. Maintain eye contact.

7. Use appropriate body language.


8. Turn off or silence your phone and avoid distractions.

Remember that a successful meeting is all about professional behaviour. Get ready to impress and do well with your next meeting. Register for our Business Etiquette course. Our course equips you with the necessary tools to navigate various business situations confidently and professionally. 💼 🔑 

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