The Etiquette Rules You Should Know - Part 1

Etiquette is the protocol, appropriate behaviour, or prim actions that are expected of you daily as a courteous and responsible person, as well as how you are expected to behave and are perceived. 

There are numerous etiquette rules, but these are a few important ones that I think you should also include in your repertoire of good manners.

💥Don't talk about other people behind their backs.

💥Anything you hear that you haven't yet independently verified as true is a rumour, and spreading it is an act of malicious gossip. So, don't engage in malicious gossip.

💥Don't interrupt people when they're talking, wait your turn to speak. Say "Excuse me" if what you have to say is urgent and very important.

💥Don't abuse the notion that "the customer is always right" by being impolite to the staff members of the businesses you patronise or by threatening to take away their jobs because of your significant relationship with their boss. As a courteous and mature person, you should deal with the issues you have with a company rather than those of the employees involved politely and responsibly.

💥Don't treat your household help poorly.

💥Don't be rude to waiters or waitresses

💥Be aware of your surroundings at all times

💥Whether at home, at work, or on commercial buses, don't take up too much space to make yourself more comfortable and inconvenience others.

💥Be kind to everyone, regardless of their wealth or poverty.

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